The Exciting Next Generation Vitamin C!

Vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid has been around for centuries. Vitamin C is found in hundreds of plant species and many animal species. Although it was use medically for humans early on to prevent scurvy [1] [2] [3] it is absolutely necessary in everyday life to perform numerous physiological functions in the human body. These functions include the synthesis of collagen to keep our skin youthful and healthy, as well as our minds sharp through neurotransmitter activity. [4]

Did you know that by the age of 25, one in ten people will already have atherosclerotic plaques forming on their blood vessel walls? Studies report every 1 in 2 people die of a heart attack or stroke; both are diseases of the blood vessels. Most humans rely on their diets for the necessary Vitamin C to provide the structural support needed for blood vessels, but they don’t always get enough. That’s why Vitamin C supplementation is absolutely necessary!

When thinking about Vitamin C most people get the image of an orange almost instantly, but unless you eat or drink orange juice throughout the day, more than likely you are not really getting most of the necessary Vitamin C your body requires. Take a look at the list below to see other sources that give you a full day’s Vitamin C requirement.

Fruit Vegetable Nut/Grain Protein
Other than Chestnuts, most nuts do not contain a significant amount of Vitamin C.

Until recently, Vitamin C was all about “Ascorbic acid or L-ascorbate. How ever in the early 80’s a company came up with “Ester C”, a regular Vitamin C combined with Calcium. It’s suppose to offer an improved absorption rate and is more gentle on the stomach; nevertheless its Vitamin C.

Oh how times have changed. Can you imagine trying to use a computer built back in 1981 in today’s world? Well, vitamins and their delivery to your body have made huge technological improvements as well. Today the newest vitamin C is Mega Vitamin C; it is plant-cell derived making it closer to what nature intended “C” to be. The technology actually started back in the 30’s when scientists, called “Reductionists,” took foods apart to isolate pure nutrients. Their attempts resulted in blends of chemical nutrients and food isolates that did not and do not reflect the complexity of natural foods.

Now, using nature’s model, along with a live-cell process called Bio-Transformation, we have a process in which chemical vitamins & minerals can be changed back into foods, utilizing nature’s own technique.

Mega Vitamin C is a true “food form” of Vitamin C not an isolate or combination blend. It not only provides the good benefits that all Vitamin C products give, but provides better health in many major areas such as stronger bones, better immune protection, mental clarity, digestion, fat conversion and more.

Mega Vitamin C is a highly specialized and patent food fermentation process, which is a 100% natural plant cell grown product that goes through a lengthy fermentation phase and contains no synthetic USP grade vitamins. This fermentation process transforms both the media (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and the nutrients into one integrated whole food, with the nutrients as integral parts of a complex food matrix. This is the way nature intended us to consume nutrients–not as separate bits of purified chemical crystals and powders.

The process produces a Vitamin C that is as different as “Night & Day” from all other’s currently on the market. Every gram of Mega Vitamin C provides:

  • 250mg Vitamin C plus approximately
  • 100mg Bioflavonoids
  • 240mg Amino Acids
  • 50mg Lipids, including Phosphatidyl Choline, Phosphatidyl Serine, Omega 3 Fatty Acids,Phytosterols
  • 210mg Carbohydrates, Fiber, Glycogen, Oligosaccharides
  • 0.1mg Glutathione
  • 5mg Beta Glucans
  • 20mg RNA/DNA
  • 95mg Phytonutrients, Saponins, Minerals, Vitamins, S.O.D., Polyphenols, Plant Flavones, Isoflavones

Remember, this is a total integral polyphenol whole food matrix, not a blend; and no other vitamin C delivers this.  So how does your Vitamin C product compare?

Mega Vitamin C is hypoallergenic, highly absorbable and digestible, it contains no yeast proteins and is well tolerated, even by sensitive individuals.  Here’s another great side benefit from Mega Vitamin C, it’s “Glucose Free” which makes it an excellent product for those on a diet or glucose intolerant or those with other dietary restrictions.

Mega Vitamin C does not contain any known allergens and is manufactured in a FDA registered OTC, cGMP facility.

Mega Vitamin C capsules are vegetarian friendly and not derived from animal by-products. Also no preservatives were used to make Mega Vitamin C. Each 600mg capsule is plant cellulous based and 100% water-soluble.







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* DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

**This information provided by Ameriden® is intended for educational purposes only and not to be misunderstood as medical advice. Always contact your healthcare professional before starting any new health regimes.

Don’t Let Summer Heat Zap Your Energy

Summer is almost at an end and most in the U.S. are still experiencing a heat wave. For many of us our energies are running at an all time low; this is not unusual! The hotter it gets, the less energy you have. How can you increase the energy you need for enduring days such as these? Nutrition and supplementation!

If you are not eating properly your energy will wane. There is hope! Eating the right kind of foods plus adding the right supplements can contribute to improving your energy levels in the hottest days.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you may be depleting your natural energy without even realizing it. First try to identify what may be compounding the issue.

Some causes of fatigue or lack of energy can be physiological (low thyroid or hormone levels), emotional (stress & anxiety) or lifestyle (not enough exercise or quality sleep).

Nutritionists suggest eating the “right” kind of foods for optimum energy. What kind of foods are you eating and what exactly are the “wrong” kinds of foods?

The following “simple sugar/carbohydrates” are considered bad or unhealthy for us:

  • Cookies,
  • Baked goods
  • Candy bars
  • Sodas
  • High sugar fruit drinks
  • White flour

But they taste so good! These types of foods are loaded with simple sugars and upon ingestion are directly absorbed into your body. Unlike other kinds of carbohydrates, they don’t need your body to break them down during digestion. When you eat foods loaded with these simple sugars/carbs they enter into your bloodstream quickly, increase your blood sugar and cause a quick energy boost, but just as quickly they decrease and often leave you feeling more drained than before.

When this happens, many think, “I need Caffeine.” Think again, although it is an effective short-term solution, it can also have a negative rebound effect. What can you do? Work on slowly eliminating the “simple sugar/carb” type foods from your diet and eventually you will begin to notice your natural energy levels return.

Did you know that carbohydrates can alter the level of serotonin in your brain and bring on feelings of relaxation and a sense of calm? When you eat a meal full of “simple sugar” carbohydrates you may feel so relaxed it’s hard to overcome the temptation to take a little nap. If you really want to stay alert, forgo “simple sugar” carbohydrates and use this easy trick Eat Protein!

Protein is an essential component of the diet. It provides amino acids needed by our bodies to function properly. During digestion protein is broken down into its amino-acid building blocks. One amino acid, tyrosine, increases the production of the chemicals that are also released when you are under acute mental or physical stress and are well known for their ability to increase levels of alertness and energy levels.

Which foods provide the best protein?

Here’s the short list:

Chicken Eggs Lamb
Beef Turkey Venison
Tuna Shrimp Cod
Snapper Halibut Salmon
Scallops Mozzarella cheese Milk
Spinach Tofu Mustard greens
Soybeans Collard Green Cauliflower

To help reduce the heat of summer there are various herbs known as refrigerants or cooling herbs. Here’s a list of herbs known to cool the body and reduce body heat externally by evaporation and or by inducing perspiration:

Asparagus Eucalyptus Mandarin orange
Basil Grape seed extract Sweet orange
Burdock Hibiscus Sesame seed oil
Catnip Horsetail Sheep sorrel
Chickweed Lemon oil Spearmint
Chicory Lime peel Tarragon

How about herbal supplements? The addition of adaptogens as energy boosting supplements to a “proper diet” could also give you the energy you’re craving as well. While there are many herbal supplements on the market promising increased & sustainable energy, in reality most contain a caffeine derivative such as green tea or guarana which may bring you to a crash situation just like caffeine and if prolonged, fatigued adrenals.

Dr. Israel Brekhman was a renowned Soviet scientist and recognized world authority on adaptogens. He was the visionary who, with a team of 1200 biologists and physicians, analyzed and investigated adaptogens in one of the most massive programs of human testing in scientific history. They produced thousands of clinical studies, definitively validating the safety and benefits of adaptogens.

Adaptogens naturally release your own energy, vitality and strength which can help you feel your very best all the times. This is extremely important for anyone who deals with stress on a regular basis. As we all know stress not only affects the body, but works its way deep down to the cellular level where it chokes and starves cells of their natural energy. You may not even realize its happening until it’s too late. Stress also reduces the efficiency and vitality of the cell itself, no matter what body system it belongs to.

So why not consider adaptogens. There is a proven winner with over 45 years of clinical studies, Rhodiola rosea.  Rhodiola rosea helps adjust all your neurotransmitter so that correct chemical out put can occur for up to 6 or more hours.  Positive changes in each cell can mean healthier functioning organs and overall body system as well. Adaptogens, such as Rhodiola rosea work with your body to help because they support the bodies own self regulatory defense systems.

What products carry this incredible adaptogen?

Rosavin, Rosavin Plus®, ClearMind® and EZ Energy® all contain the original water extracted freeze dried Rhodiola rosea harvested in Siberia and have been  used in case study here in the U. S. The pure Rhodiola rosea found in these products is known to produce increased stamina, mental performance and help for men with E.D. Early on in history it was given to newlyweds to help promote desire & family production, however; the older European populations drank teas produced from this herb for greater mental cognizance and endurance. The centurion populations from Russia say that if you drink Rhodiola tea you’ll live for more than 100 years. I’m hoping that’s really true and glad I have it in my daily supplement regime.

If you’re looking for more than a good increase in stamina for working out or just starting a new exercise routine, then here’s the secret herbal formula containing Russian Rhodiola rosea and other adaptogens that few people know about! It’s EZ Energy®.This new supplement containing only the highest potency extracts has been used by Russian Olympians. EZ Energy® follows the foot path of an earlier product which also has over 45 years of clinical studies in Europe. Rhaponticum, one of the ingredients in EZ Energy® is also reported to help convert fat to muscle mass up to 20 times faster than working out alone. It’s great for men & women and it can go anywhere you go without losing potency.

The ingredients found in EZ Energy® are:

  • Rhaponticum carthamoides 5% ecdysterone
  • Rhodiola rosea-3%
  • Schizandra extract-2%
  • Aralia mandshurica extract-5%
  • Panax Asian Meyer Ginseng

EZ Energy ® won’t speed up your heart.  You may want to use this supplement when you really want to perform your best. Please remember to eat the proper foods, drink plenty of water take an adaptogen product. We know you’ll be happy with the out come.

Try any of our Rhodiola rosea products and receive a 15% discount, just use Code # RR082011.

To your health,



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Age-Defying Diet

For years, US government scientists have been urging Americans to consume at least five daily servings of fruits & vegetables, but that’s not nearly enough according to new research.

For maximum longevity, a far better approach can be found in the fruit and vegetable- rich diet of the world’s longest lived people-the men and women of Okinawa, Japan.

During 25 years of study, researchers have found that Okinawans have healthier arteries…lower risk for hormone-dependent malignancies, such as breast and prostrate cancer…stronger bones…sharper minds…lean, fit bodies…and excellent emotional health.

Okinawans eat mainly high-carbohydrate low calorie, plant-based foods-the same diet deemed optimal for long-term health by more than 2,000 scientific studies.

At first glance the Okinawa diet seems like a lot of food to eat each day. The trick is to remember that a daily serving, as defined by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), is actually quite small.

Examples of USDA servings: For raw, leafy vegetables, a serving is one cup. For whole grains, a serving is one-half cup of cooked cereal, one slice of bread or half a bagel.

If you follow the Okinawa program, in which plant-based foods comprise two-thirds (2/3’s) of the diet, you’ll exceed USDA dietary recommendations.

Here’s how scientists have adapted the Okinawa diet for Americans…

  1. Eat until you are 80% full. Okinawans say, bara bachi bu: Eat until you are eight parts full (out of 10). Restricting calories is a proven way to prolong life and vitality. By eating fewer calories, your body will create fewer free radicals—the molecules responsible for the biochemical damage that causes aging.

This doesn’t mean Okinawans eat less. In fact, they eat more food by weight than most North Americans. But it’s important to note that Okinawans eat small amounts of fat and sugar, which are calorie-dense.

To eliminate calories…

  • Flavor meals with spices instead of fat.
  • When cooking, spray the oil instead of pouring-two seconds of spraying equals one-half teaspoon of oil.
  • Use heart- healthy extra virgin olive oil
  • Start your lunch with a chunky, low-fat soup. If you do, you’ll eat 20% fewer calories.
  • When dining out, order lean fish instead of steak…ask for fatty sauces and dressing to be served on the side…and share deserts.
  1. Eat nine to 17 servings of vegetables and fruits daily. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables decreases your risk for heart disease, cancer, stroke, high-blood pressure and obesity.

Fruits and vegetables are full of healthy nutrients-but low in calories. They also contain antioxidants, which help protect you against free radicals.

To boost your intake of fruits and vegetables…

  • At breakfast, eat a fruit salad that contains cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries and apples.
  • At lunch, add vegetables like tomatoes, broccoli and celery to a salad.
  • At dinner, make vegetable soup that includes onion, zucchini and carrots.

NEVER USE A MICROWAVE- it’s been proven that microwaving foods kills the necessary enzymes that promote health and proper digestion.

  1. Eat seven to 13 servings of whole grain foods daily. Whole grains are rich in nutrients, antioxidants and fiber. These important parts of your diet decrease your risk for many illnesses, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer.

Many different types of whole grains- from amaranth, barley and bulgur to rice, triticale (a high protein hybrid of wheat & rye) and wheat- can be found in cereals, breads and pastas.

For maximum benefits: Choose breakfast cereals that contain at least 7g of fiber per serving and as low in sugar as possible. No sugar would be best.

  1. Eat two to four servings of calcium foods daily. Calcium fights osteoporosis and may help prevent colon cancer, high blood pressure and premenstrual syndrome. Good plant sources of calcium include green, leafy vegetables…calcium fortified soy products, such as tofu and soy milk…and calcium-fortified orange juice.


Important: Low-fat dairy products may not be the best source of calcium. The protein in dairy products can leach calcium from your bones.


  1. Eat two to four servings of flavoniod-rich foods daily. Blood levels of flavoniods- beneficial compounds found in all plants- are up to 50 times higher in the Japanese than in Americans, according to studies. A high-flavoniod diet may help prevent heart disease as well as other health related issues.

Isoflavone-rich soy products contain flavoniod levels that are up to 1,000 times greater than those found in other foods. Flaxseed contains high levels of lignans, which are similar compounds. Beans are another good source, followed by tea, onions and apples.

To boost your intake of flavoniods and lignans…

  • Eat soy products twice a day. Choices include tofu, miso (a salty paste often used as a flavoring), soy milk, soy nuts and soy burgers.
  • Take one tablespoon of flaxseed oil daily, or use it instead of butter or as a salad dressing.
  • Drink three cups of black or green tea each day.
  • Emphasize flavoniod-rich fruits and vegetables, such as broccoli, kale, celery, onions, snow peas, turnip greens, apples, strawberries, grapes and apricots.
  1. Eat one to three servings of omega 3 foods daily. Most Americans do not get enough omega -3 fatty acids. These dietary constituents protect your brain, arteries and immune system.

To boost your intake of omega-3 foods…

  • Eat fatty fish (salmon, tuna or mackerel) three times a week.
  • Add flaxseed to your diet. Mix it into cereal, pancakes or muffin batter.
  • Avoid red meat. It may increase your risk for colon and prostrate cancer. If you must eat red meat, limit it to no more than three times a week – and choose grass fed organic lean cuts.
  1. Drink fresh water. You need adequate hydration, but forget about the eight glasses a day rule. Drink enough so that your urine is clear. Proper hydration also helps you lose weight.


Ultimately you will find the right balance that works best for you, but for those of you, including myself who are probably saying – “I can’t eat that much food in a day. What do I do?”

The answer may be as simple as supplementing those areas above with concentrated plant foods that contain flavoniods and fatty acids. They are not only great for our bodies, they extend our life possibilities and more importantly-make us feel great! We all want to feel great, don’t we?  Most people who meet me think I’m in my early 50’s, but I’m actually 63 going on 64. How would shaving off 13 to 14 years help you?

Here is a short list of products you could use to help supplement your eating regime:

  • Rosavin, Rosavin Plus or ClearMind for mental health
  • EZ Energy for ultimate staying power and muscle mass
  • GlucoRite for high flavoniods and blood sugar regulation
  • Omega 3, 6 9 for the good fatty acids everyone needs
  • Advanced Digestive Enzymes to maximize your nutrition
  • Beta Sistoserol with Resveratrol contain rare plant sterols that reduce blood cholesterol
  • Vitamin B12 helps cognitive function a and nervous system
  • Mega Vitamin C for a stronger immune system

Anti-Aging is no secret when you know how.
Live Long, Love Deeply & Smile A Lot